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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Maxi dress DIY

I know, I know, Christmas is round the corner, and I’m posting one “summer” post. Well, try to picture this fabric in black and scarf in gold or silver. This could be great New Year’s eve dress.
Play with materials and colors and possibilities are endless! 

It’s simple.

Take a peace of fabric and sew it like a tube.
On the one end of tube sew elastic ribbon (you could sew elastic directly on fabric, or you could trim fabric and then insert elastic in that hole that you got with trimming)
Finally, measure how long it should it be to fit you. You could make it floor or knee length, whatever you like more. I made it maxi.
That’s how you get your basic “dress”.

Now you have to finish it. But best thing is that you could change it every time you wear it. It is so versatile!

1. One way is simply adding a belt. You get casual maxi dress for summer coffee time with your friends or dinner by the sea with your boyfriend.

2. Other way is with a scarf. Simply wrap it around you and you’ll get fancy dress for more formal occasions.

And you could play with styles of scarfs. Use colors you like…

I wore it few times. It is comfy and I’m going to make more dresses like this, for sure.

What do you think? Do you like it? Does it look hard to make?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How to set a curtains if the carnice can’t be removed

What to do if you’re in a rented apartment and you don’t want (or can’t) to change anything, but however, you would like to put your touch in the space.


In this apartment, curtains where problem. Curtain rod couldn’t be removed so easily. So here is what you could do in that case:











And then, you ask your husband to put it on the curtain rod (yes, old curtains are still up, you don’t take them of in this case, because if you could do that, than you wouldn’t need a help from Velcro)



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent wreath with four candles

This Advent came so fast. 
I made this in the last moment, but I'm happy how it turned out!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bachelorette party - favors

I had fun with preparing my wedding. Of course, there are so many things that I wish that had time to make, but maybe my expectations are to big. However one happening fulfilled all my expectations. 

Bachelorette party! 

I had best bachelorette party ever! (But, from what I hear, every girl thinks that for hers).

I don’t know is it common to give favors on bachelorette party, but I gave them.

The thing is that I had so many ideas for wedding (damn you Pinterest)

And, the most ridiculous thing happened. I started to make them all! (well, since I had real life to live parallel with wedding organization, I can say that those where tousled months. But I enjoyed!)

One of those things where magnets made from river stones.

I live by the sea, but I couldn’t find so flat and smooth stones on the sea beaches. All of those are from river.

1. I found flat stones

2. I colored them in mint color (I tried to make “mint” my wedding color, but I couldn’t find any ribbon or pearl or flower or any decoration in that color, so… I had to modify that)     To get that “mint” color you have to mix a lot of white and a little of DARK green. (If you use light green, it has to much yellow in, so you’ll get just lighter green.)

3. Then I decoupaged some butterflies and let it dry.

4. I found magnet strip on ebay. You can cut it with scissors. So I glued pieces of that magnet on the non-colored side of stones.

5. I could add some words, date… I decided to write initials and keep it simple.

If the wedding was in the summer, then it could have beach theme. In that case those could be decent wedding favors.
I decided to use them as bachelorette party favors instead. Hope that my girls are going to remember that party for a long time Smile 

And, among all of those things that I prepared, I had some… how to say it… oversights.
I made bouquet out of lollipops. (as I already said, I meant to make it all!!!!!). But in all chaos of those days, I forgot on it. The plan was to throw it on the bachelorette party to see who is making next party (or something like that). So, day after wedding I gave it to one of those little bridesmaids. Funny thing is that I don’t even have photo of the finished bouquet. Here is what I have…


What do you think? Could those favors be wedding favors? And, would you be brave enough to have this kind of bouquet for your real one? 
I'm linking up on some of those parties.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Envelopes for wedding invitations

I had plain, white envelopes for wedding invitations, so I thought that it would be nice to make “something”.


Our names with nice letters. Decent but different. I started stamping them in silver color, but it wasn’t what I wanted so it become green, not perfect but better.

So, what did I do?

1. I wrote our names on computer, printed that, and brought it to a man who is making stamps (pokraj FINE u Splitu sam ja napravila ovu gumu za pečat. Iako, ne mogu ih od srca preporučit jer mi nisu dobro ispale tanke crte na slovima na pečatu. A možda bi to svugdje tako ispalo, ne znam.)


2. Next day rubber for stamp was done. (It would turned out better if I didn’t use so thin lines). It was about $12.


3. My brother found some wood to glue this stamp rubber on. (I should make it more fancy, but I was all in cutting costs so I didn’t care for that. I could buy real one, but it would be $10-$15 more, so that cost didn’t have any sense for me)


4. Stamping could begin Smile



The best part is that I can use it again for gift giving or something. I could just change a color.

I’m definitely using it for Christmas!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Petals for confetti

Here in Croatia, we don’t have bridesmaids. Our girl friends are there for us, but they are wearing whatever they like. There is usually one or two little girls and they are carrying rings and confetti. I had 6 little girls. I’ve called them bridesmaids. One supposed to carry rings, and for others I made 5 baskets full of paper petals. There is no need to wait for professional photos to show you those baskets in action because funny thing happened (hm, now I can say that it was funny, but then...)
We were afraid that we’re going to forget them so we placed all of those baskets in one of the cars. Well, driver of that car decided to skip ceremony in Church, and he didn’t bring those baskets.
My husband's sister brought some confetti, so that’s what they throw at us, and my petals came home next day. I’m so proud of myself how grown up I reacted on that. (Hope that cameraman is going to cut that part where I’m going down the aisle and yelling “Where are the baskets?!” LOL)

Here is how I made petals for confetti:
DIY Petal
After I cut heart shape out of crape paper, I stretched it (see the arrow). That’s how I got 3D petal, and it falls so nice on the ground after you throw it in the air.
I used green paper for false leaves.
Well, since it didn’t have big reveal on the wedding day, here are photos to show it to the world. (One person even asked me why didn’t I prepare basket with confetti. Here is a proof that I was thinking on that too)
It was great DIY project. I used my wedding colors. And now, I’m thinking what are the other ways that I could use them for. Do you have any idea?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Everything is changed

I haven’t been here for a while. Well, I had a good reason. It’s been busy and… I was a little bit overwhelmed.

I’ve married! I’ve changed, not only my last name, but my whole life!


And I’ve moved so I don’t have internet connection here. But this is my happy place, and I would love to keep it alive.


I made so many DIY things for a wedding, but… I didn’t took many photos, so I’m waiting photos from photographer in hope that they have at least something. Don’t worry, you’ll see it Smile

I’m sending you a big hug, and I hope to be back soon!