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Monday, July 27, 2015

Digger cake

Digger cake 3

There’s nothing fun as surprising kids!

And those cakes where a big hit. This is first time that I covered it with fondant. I didn’t have time, and more important, I didn’t know how to make those sides smooth. So it looks like a tablecloth on round table. I’ll have to figure it out /I know in theory what should I do/.

But, kids didn’t mind! 

I think that it is easier to make cakes for girls. You always go for princes or something flowery. Safe game. But when you’re making cakes for boys… you have to be little more creative.


Back on fondant. This is not classic fondant /because, classic one seams so complicated/. I made it out of marshmallows. It is so simple!

1. First I cut big marshmallows on smaller pieces /because I read that I should use mini marshmallows/

2. I put 4 tablespoons of water in the bowl

3. Then I put marshmallows in the bowl, and all together on the stove on the light temperature to melt. I had to stir with a spatula, constantly. /you know when you stir and press to break big pieces…/

4. After it melts, put in powdered sugar. How much? Well, I didn’t measured. First a little bit and keep adding it till it becomes like a dough.

5. I sprinkled working surface with powdered sugar and took fondant out of bowl.

6. At this moment I added color. I guess that I could do it earlier. Rest of the process is like for the regular fondant. I rolled it out and placed it on the cake.

(you know that you have to cover cake with butter cream first? Mix equal parts of butter and powdered sugar. But you’ll easily find right receipt on Google.)

Digger cake 1

It didn’t look neat. But boys where happy with their surprise!

Digger cake

Digger cake-fondan cake

Do you have any fun ideas for boys cakes?

Monday, July 20, 2015

“Thank you” wedding cards

thank you card 1

Here in Croatia, when our guests are going home, they came to bride and groom to say good night and they get little something. It is usually photo of the bride and the groom from that day. A ‘thank you’ card.

Of course that I DIY those letters. ‘HVALA’ means ‘thank you’.

And of course that I had problems with printing them so I had to write them on papers by hand. It wasn’t hard or complicated project but I think that it had big impact.


/on those light paper I traced letters from computer screen, and then I traced from those papers on harder paper./






Thank you card

Monday, July 13, 2015

Diaper cake

I haven’t been online for so long time! My life has been filled with so many nice things (and I don’t have Internet :/ ).
I started to work /like a real job, every day 7:30 – 15:30/, and I’m so satisfied with my working place and with my co-workers… I’m so blessed!
We’ve been traveling /Montenegro is stunning/…
We moved in the new apartment /second time in our short marriage, but not a last time/. It is just little bit bigger than last one but I feel like in mansion.
And so many things are going on at the moment, but first things first, let’s go to the business.
Diaper cake sounds nasty, but those kind are soooo cute!
I have so many babies around me these days. Almost all of my friends are pregnant or with cute little babies. So there is a big chance that I’m going to make this kind of cake many times. I have some photos of the process, although, I didn’t used any tutorial because it is simple, but if you need any help, hope that this will do. I’m just sorry because I didn’t count how many diapers is going to each layer, so first one is better than second. I hope that I’m going to fix that in future.
This one with a dog is second one.
I don’t prefer those cakes with rolled diapers, they are kind of chaotic for me, and this looks so neat.
And here are some photos of the process.
I used tulle strap to make everything on place. I think that there is nothing better because you can always add more diapers if you see that some layer would be better that way.
What do you think?
Have you ever made diaper cake? They are pretty popular these days.
Do you, maybe, prefer rolled ones?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Wine labels

This one actually isn’t very special, I’ve seen on many weddings that bride and groom put labels on the wine for the dinner.

Well, I made few variations and my groom chose.

bijelo 2a  Crno 2a  

One is for white and other is for black wine. And on those pictures down, I blurred our last name. You get it.

Bijelo 4    Crno 4

etiketa bijelo      Crno etiketa

Bijelo 3    Crno 3

All those labels I made in Picmonkey, so their quality isn’t great. But I printed them in that studio “LUJ”. That guy, took my label and made same like that but in better program so when he printed them they weren't blurred. He really did his best! If you need anything like labels, cards, souvenirs… that studio is right choice for you.


Here they are in action:



Which one would you chose?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bunny bag


Easter is coming and I started to think about all those kids in my family. I haven’t made anything for Christmas, so I’m going to be better for Easter.


I made little bunny bags. Inspiration is from photos from Pinterest but I didn’t follow any tutorial. It was process with many mistakes (two bunnies turned out as a big fail). However, I’m so happy with the result.


Here’s “how to”:

bunny bag tutorial


Then I used ’’puff paint’’ to make eyes and nose. (on one “fail” I made whiskers, but they where ’’fat’’, and on other one I used buttons instead of eyes and nose, that one looked like a mouse.)

I think that acrylic paint would do the trick as well. But this is the first time that puff paint came handy in one project, so I’m even more satisfied because of that.


Most of my bunnies had interface. It was more time consuming but I had to make it for those “soft” materials. It’s nothing complicated. Simply make two regular bunnies and then sew them together.


For now, I’m stuffing them with chocolate eggs and candies. But, for those kids who are going to get theirs on Easter, I’m going to put real (boiled) eggs.





Hope that kids are going to like them!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Floral girls dresses

My biggest project for wedding was sewing 6 dresses for little bridesmaid girls. It didn’t turned out as I assumed it would be.
And, I didn’t took any photos of the dresses because I assumed that they are going to be interested to the professional photographer so I’ll get many of his photos. Well, I was wrong.
It seams that nobody was so impressed with those dresses but me. But, I’m fine with that. Hope that you’re going to like them.

/Photos are cropped from bigger ones so that’s why they are poor quality./

How did I do it? You can find tutorials for tulle skirts all over internet.
My had 4 layers. One from white jersey, so they are not transparent and I didn’t want that tulle itches those little legs. And top one is out of tulle on which where little white hearts. /It’s the same tulle as for women corsages./