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Monday, February 8, 2016

Cake and candle for baptism

We baptized our baby boy. 

Mom made cake and candle for baby.

Monday, February 1, 2016

P as a panda bear

This is something that I made for wall above my baby's boy bed.

First letter of his name and a panda bear!

Here are photos of the process. 
I won't explain with text so much because I believe that photos are clear enough. But if you have any questions, just ask!

 Making panda was quite easy. I googled "how to draw a panda", and I was suprised how easy it was. Just, instead of paper I used fleece.

I'm teaching him letters from day one ;)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Baby boy has arrived!

I've become a mom of the sweetest baby boy on the whole world!

He is a reason why I couldn't turn on my computer lately, and he is a reason why I'm not going to be on the blog as much as I could. 
You know... you have to make priorities!

But you shure can expect a lot of kids-related posts and crafts in the future!

See you soon!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Green maxi “pregnancy” dress

Merry Christmas
and a happy New Year!

I had beautiful year, and I know that this one is going to be even better
(I’m going to become mom in just a few days so it has to be good!)

Hope that this new year is going to be special to each and every of you my dear friends!

I had so much going on lately so I didn’t have time to be on Tousled day as much as I wish. And, since baby is coming very soon, this trend is going to continue. But hope that I’m going to be able to prepare some posts and publish them from time to time, since I made many baby related (and not so baby related) projects.

Well, let’s go to the business!
It could be challenge to go on some formal place if you’re pregnant.
Challenge to dress up, but not impossible!

This is something that I made for a wedding, but I could easily wear it on the New Year’s Eve (if I’ve went on the formal dinner. But we were with our friends so I didn’t dressed up so much.)

This black top of the dress is regular lace shirt (this is photo from 7 months of pregnancy, and top was nice on the place whole time, but one month later I wore this and since I got bigger bump, shirt constantly escaped from my belly. I could feel it but it wasn’t anything that others could notice.)
And bottom is skirt that I sew. I wore it on the flats so it is going so high above belly. Later, when I loose my baby bump I’m going to wear it with some heals and waist is going to be placed much lower.

This is simple project but I found such nice material so it leaves big impact. This is “emerald” green jersey (It is stretchy – perfect for pregnant ladies).
Size of the material is 160 cm (wide) * 110 cm (high). This high is what works for me. If you’re taller, you should leave it longer.

1. I sew rectangle in “tube” so I’ve got 110 cm high “tube”

2. On one end of the “tube” I sew wide black elastic.

3. And on one place (on the back) I sew black lace so satin ribbon could stay in place (I had plan to sew it on more than one place, but it wasn’t necessary, this one holds perfectly)

I’m sorry that I don’t have better photos of skirt in action, but it always turns out like that with me :/
Well, you get it…

Monday, December 7, 2015

A “jackpot” gift for a men

Like I said many times, I love gift giving! To be precise, I love giving gifts to kids and women. But, when we talk about choosing gifts for a men, I’m lost! So any help is welcome. And I believe that many of you have the similar problem. That’s reason why I’m sharing what I gave to my hubby for his birthday.
A gift for a men
Box with many lottery cards!
And on the top I wrote a note: “I’ve got my jackpot, already!”
It was fun for him to check did he got anything. There were few with small prizes, so it made him smile.

And now I’m in big problems for Christmas because I haven’t got idea what to put under the tree.
Any suggestions?
What’s perfect gift for a men?

And you could check out one previous idea that I gave to my man like a birthday gift

Monday, November 30, 2015

Angels on canvas

Decoupage angel on canvas

There are so many babies around me! And I believe that little pray to their angel on canvas is a nice gift for baptizing or “babine” (I have no idea is there English word for “babine”. “Babine” is when you visit mom and newborn baby, and you buy something for baby – usually some clothes, diapers… and some candy for parents).

I’m going to make one for my baby boy and it’s going to be placed above his bed.

And this could even be nice Christmas gift from aunt or big cousin.

If you are from Croatia, I could make something similar for you. For details and prices, contact me on Facebook or on my e-mail: tousledday@gmail.com

Decoupaged angel on canvas


Angel on canvas for baby boy


Angel on canvas


Angel on canvas for baby girl


Acrylic angel on canvas


First one is decoupage on canvas, and others angels are painted with Acrylic paint. It’s not hard to draw them. Go on Google and search “how to draw an angel”, you’ll find step by step tutorials.


Well, we don’t have tutorial this week, but since Christmas is coming, I think that you need as many ideas for gifts as possible. I know that I do!

Monday, November 23, 2015

10 Ideas for DIY Christmas gifts

10 DIY ideas for Christmas gifts by Tousled day
I love gift giving! And I hate when I give something and they don’t open it in front of me (like, some people say that that would be rude to do). I worked or shopped for hours to make it or find it for you. I was thinking would you like the message, color, style…
I loooove to watch expression on your face when you open it! 
So please, be rude and open gift in front of me!!!

Although, I like gift giving, I (like everybody else) can get stuck with idea what to give. So, besides all those gifts that I’m going to buy (you know that you have to have some of those), I scanned Tousled day to get some inspiration. Here is small roundup, but I’m sure that you could find much more interesting gift ideas on this place.

You can write on it, or sew on it or decoupage it...
christmas tote bag

It’s nice gesture if you give it blank or with nice photo.
IMG_6256 pic

I believe that this could be perfect gift for guys.
IMG_6236 pic

Accessories never fails!
White pearl flower

DIY ribbon flower

6. Decoupaged box is perfect for your mother or mother-in-low

IMG_0191 p

IMG_6918 p

This is for kids, but you can find on-line some templates for coloring for adults (it’s a big hit at the moment in the world like an anti-stress therapy, so you could give it  try)

10. Check out one previous roundup with stocking stuffers
Maybe you find something there

Actually any little thing made from heart is going to be perfect gift for those people who love us!