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Friday, March 20, 2015

Wine labels

This one actually isn’t very special, I’ve seen on many weddings that bride and groom put labels on the wine for the dinner.

Well, I made few variations and my groom chose.

bijelo 2a  Crno 2a  

One is for white and other is for black wine. And on those pictures down, I blurred our last name. You get it.

Bijelo 4    Crno 4

etiketa bijelo      Crno etiketa

Bijelo 3    Crno 3

All those labels I made in Picmonkey, so their quality isn’t great. But I printed them in that studio “LUJ”. That guy, took my label and made same like that but in better program so when he printed them they weren't blurred. He really did his best! If you need anything like labels, cards, souvenirs… that studio is right choice for you.


Here they are in action:



Which one would you chose?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bunny bag


Easter is coming and I started to think about all those kids in my family. I haven’t made anything for Christmas, so I’m going to be better for Easter.


I made little bunny bags. Inspiration is from photos from Pinterest but I didn’t follow any tutorial. It was process with many mistakes (two bunnies turned out as a big fail). However, I’m so happy with the result.


Here’s “how to”:

bunny bag tutorial


Then I used ’’puff paint’’ to make eyes and nose. (on one “fail” I made whiskers, but they where ’’fat’’, and on other one I used buttons instead of eyes and nose, that one looked like a mouse.)

I think that acrylic paint would do the trick as well. But this is the first time that puff paint came handy in one project, so I’m even more satisfied because of that.


Most of my bunnies had interface. It was more time consuming but I had to make it for those “soft” materials. It’s nothing complicated. Simply make two regular bunnies and then sew them together.


For now, I’m stuffing them with chocolate eggs and candies. But, for those kids who are going to get theirs on Easter, I’m going to put real (boiled) eggs.





Hope that kids are going to like them!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Floral girls dresses

My biggest project for wedding was sewing 6 dresses for little bridesmaid girls. It didn’t turned out as I assumed it would be.
And, I didn’t took any photos of the dresses because I assumed that they are going to be interested to the professional photographer so I’ll get many of his photos. Well, I was wrong.
It seams that nobody was so impressed with those dresses but me. But, I’m fine with that. Hope that you’re going to like them.

/Photos are cropped from bigger ones so that’s why they are poor quality./

How did I do it? You can find tutorials for tulle skirts all over internet.
My had 4 layers. One from white jersey, so they are not transparent and I didn’t want that tulle itches those little legs. And top one is out of tulle on which where little white hearts. /It’s the same tulle as for women corsages./

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Shabby bunny

Easter is round the corner and the ‘spring has sprung’.
Gardens are full of those little green fighters who are going to bloom in next few days and weeks. So in that ambient, I felt like it is right time for Easter touch in the home.

This shabby bunny has been in my head for a little while. I know that I sow something similar online but now, I simply couldn’t find tutorial. There are so many photos but without instructions.
It’s so easy. Actually, there is no need for any instructions. You just sew together two pieces of fabric /actually, I used 4/, stuff them and that’s all.
I took some photos while I made it, so I’m posting them. I believe that process should be clear. But, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
1. I found this template of the bunny on the google.
3. I cut 4 pieces of fabric. Two for outside and two out of fleece so bunny will be smother /there won’t be any bulks from stuffing/ and stiffer. And, while I was cutting, I left half inch around the pattern for seam allowance.
4. I’ve pinned them all /inside out/. And I traced pattern once more time so I can sew on that trace.
5. See how it was fold for sewing? Pretty sides are looking each other.
6. I don’t know is this necessary, but I cut on many places around the edge, so when I turn it inside out, it will have less tension on curved places.
6. Turn it inside out
7. Stuff it. I used all of my left overs from last projects. But if you have real stuffing, even better. But this works just fine, too.
8. Close it with hand stitch.
9. Put lovely satin ribbon around bunny’s neck, and you’re done.
And, one more thing… this ‘make-mania’ gets me in the evening when is poor lightning, so photos of tutorials are so bad quality, but, I can’t do much about it. Sorry.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

‘Garden’ cake


Let’s take a break from wedding posts.

This is a cake that I made for my friend. We wanted something funny and related to her. Well, girl loves to spent time in her new garden. So, we gave her a garden. That her land is right near the river, so this blue should be river /it would be better if it was curved, but… in that moment, this looked right/.
I made regular cheese cake
Brown soil is grated chocolate
Cabbage and some kind of pumpkins are made from soft bon-bons /for those from Croatia and countries where you can buy Kiki, I made cabbage from Kiki – apple flavor, and pumpkins where from Kiki – banana flavor, but those where much harder to work with/
For water/river I smashed some blue candy.
Then I put baby doll in the ‘garden’. And that was that.
Girl loved it
/I would put exclamation mark here, but I have some problems with that row of buttons on the keyboard, so… /