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Monday, October 5, 2015

Sewing easiest apron ever

Pink apron
This is true! It couldn’t be easier!
I found tutorial on blog: Creating my way to success on jembellish.blogspot.com link to tutorial is here.

This lady says that it is 15 min project, but it is not. With measuring, cutting, and sewing it took me almost an hour. 

Maybe I’m one of few who wears aprons, but I do. I like to cook and I like to wear apron! This is well used hour of my time!
Sew apron
Photos are taken in last place where we stayed, I have much prettier kitchen now Smile 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Personalized fan

acrylic paint on a fan
It is my first wedding anniversary in just a few days. And I’m happy as I was on my wedding day. Beautiful, beautiful year!
I hear that many women don’t like to remember their wedding day. Some of them even say that it is the worst day of their lives because of all the stress. Well, I’m not one of them. It was perfect day and I love to have little memories on that day around me. (To be honest, I did have light panic attack for about 1-2 hours before church, but I laugh about it now.)
This was hot summer in Croatia so I bought a fan for work, church… it was completely white (I was so happy when I found plain one, because I knew I could play with it)
crtanje po lepezi
So, first I draw my husband and me with a pencil, and then I used blue marker for textile to make a sea. With acrylic paint (and medium for textile) I painted everything else.
Do you remember stamp for my wedding? Well, I tried to stamp our names here, but you can’t do that on such bumpy material, so I wrote it by hand. It could be better, but it is ok.
art on fan
(I don’t know why I didn’t took photo as I should, you know, with the sea horizontal?!)
personalized fan
What do you think? Have you seen this kind of fans in dollar stores (China shops)? Would you paint on it? Let me know if you do!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Vinyl mint bow

DIY mint bow by tousled day

I made few mint-bows from mint vinyl (faux leather) like a small gift for (small or little bigger) girls. You can put it in your hair, on your bag, on your wrist…
I used them on my wedding day first. It is such a beautiful color!
But, I wonder one thing… is this just girls color or I could make this kind of bow ties for little boys? What do you think?
vinyl mint bow
I have tutorial, but I made it just like any other bow. There is NO SEWING, just a bit of gluing.
DIY vinyl mint bow
Vinyl bow
tutorial vinyl bow

Actually, in this way you can make bow from any material you like. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

DIY box for wedding rings

wedding ring box
It is almost a year (beautiful year) since I got married, but I still haven’t show you all the things I made for my wedding.
So here are some more nice things Smile
PS: don’t you love my wedding bouquet?!?! It was perfect!!!

Well, let’s get on the business…
I decided to have box instead of cushion for our wedding rings. Idea was that it is some way of the treasure chest. White from the outside and gold from the inside. And our wedding rings are white gold with half of the heart on each ring.

I’ll give you photos for tutorial, most of them are self-explanatory, but if there is any doubt, let me know.

1. I painted wooden box white from the outside and gold from the inside.
4. I glued beige/gold satin on the sponge (this part looks messy, but it is going to be on the bottom of the box so it is not important)
5. Lace ribbon just like on the men’s corsages.
7. Double side Scotch tape – a guarantee that everything is going to stay on its place.
DIY wedding stuff
DIY kutija za prstenje za vjenčanje

And this is another DIY project for my wedding. I’m happy with this one. It turned out just like I planed.
Someone asked me why shouldn’t I decorate outside of the box a little more (like little roses or hearts), but I think that this way it is more elegant, especially for event like wedding.
What do you think? Would you decoupage it?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Digger cake

Digger cake 3
There’s nothing fun as surprising kids!

And those cakes were a big hit. This is first time that I covered it with fondant. I didn’t have time, and more important, I didn’t know how to make those sides smooth. So it looks like a tablecloth on round table. I’ll have to figure it out /I know in theory what should I do/.
But, kids didn’t mind!
I think that it is easier to make cakes for girls. You always go for princes or something flowery. Safe game. But when you’re making cakes for boys… you have to be little more creative.

Back on fondant. This is not classic fondant /because, classic one seams so complicated/. I made it out of marshmallows. It is so simple!
1. First I cut big marshmallows on smaller pieces /because I read that I should use mini marshmallows/
2. I put 4 tablespoons of water in the bowl
3. Then I put marshmallows in the bowl, and all together on the stove on the light temperature to melt. I had to stir with a spatula, constantly. /you know when you stir and press to break big pieces…/
4. After it melts, put in powdered sugar. How much? Well, I didn’t measured. First a little bit and keep adding it till it becomes like a dough.
5. I sprinkled working surface with powdered sugar and took fondant out of bowl.
6. At this moment I added color. I guess that I could do it earlier. Rest of the process is like for the regular fondant. I rolled it out and placed it on the cake.
(you know that you have to cover cake with butter cream first? Mix equal parts of butter and powdered sugar. But you’ll easily find right receipt on Google.)
Digger cake 1
It didn’t look neat. But boys where happy with their surprise!
Digger cake
Digger cake-fondan cake
Do you have any fun ideas for boys cakes?

Monday, July 20, 2015

“Thank you” wedding cards

thank you card 1

Here in Croatia, when our guests are going home, they came to bride and groom to say good night and they get little something. It is usually photo of the bride and the groom from that day. A ‘thank you’ card.

Of course that I DIY those letters. ‘HVALA’ means ‘thank you’.

And of course that I had problems with printing them so I had to write them on papers by hand. It wasn’t hard or complicated project but I think that it had big impact.


/on those light paper I traced letters from computer screen, and then I traced from those papers on harder paper./






Thank you card