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Monday, September 1, 2014

Glittered pencil for classy girls

Don't you love fancy school supplies? 

I would go to some kind of course just to have the opportunity to use it. And, my favorite are those with my touch on it! 

Glittered pencil!

You need pencil, scotch tape, glitter and glue (I used glue for decoupage, but any liquid glue would do the trick)

Scotch tape pencil for neat edge of the glitter.

Dip pencil in glue.

Then, dip it in glitter.

Gently press glitter in order to better stick.

Remove scotch tape.

After it is completly dry dip it another time in glue. In that case, glitter woldn't fall of.

And that's how you get fancy pencil!

Hope to have time to visit some of those parties.

And if you're interested in any updates from my "wedding thing", this sums it all: 

Or this one:

Source: http://www.someecards.com/ecards/wedding/?filter=usercards 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Wedding invitations

I don’t know do you remember post where I mentioned making my wedding invitations (if you missed it here you can find it). They are done, and most of them are given to guests so I can show you how do they look.
First thing I did is finding nice photos of two of us when we were kids. His photos where easy to find, but mine… on the end I chose that photo where I look like healthy, old fashion baby (which means fat!)
The funny thing about that photo is that I used to hide it, I was embarrassed how big baby I was, but now, I’m sharing it with all my and my future husband’s relatives. Finally, those crazy adolescent “troubles” are beyond me! I’m happy with that who am I! 
Then I made many little mint green paper hearts (no, I can’t use them for confetti, it is so time consuming). I used heart shaped paper punch.
The thing is that I couldn’t find in any store paper with this color. Mint green. So I made it by my self. I used dark green and white acrylic paint (there is to much yellow in light green).

This is THE color!
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any ribbons, balloons, or any flower with this color, so it is not going to be mint green wedding…

Then I took camera and played. I made about 30-40 photos. With hearts, stones (it would be stones if it is beach wedding, which almost was), with paper ribbons (left from making hearts), with different photos. And all the time, I had that feeling that there is something wrong. And when I found write photos and write background… I get that feeling that sad: “It is ok!”

So, my husband to be and I went to print invitations at professionals. My mistake was that I sad that he could edit photo a little bit. He was confused because he couldn’t  understand what do I want. So, he made two versions, one with black frame (OMG) and other one with orange ribbon. So, we had some communication issues, but on the end… we found common ground.

I’m satisfied how they turned out!

They are different, and when people open them, our wedding invitation brings smile to their faces.
And, that is meaning of life!
Make people smile!!!

My husband to be was happy because that story was done, but I had to complicate a little bit more.
I’ll show you photo, but story is coming some other time.

I’m linking up on some of those parties. (I haven’t been on party for ages)

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thank you!

Few days ago me and my blog had a birthday!

Tousled day turned three Open-mouthed smile (I’m little older Winking smile )

And you know, at the time of anniversaries, you have to think about time, meaning of everything… you know, big things! And all I can think about is gratefulness!


Thank you God! I’m thankful for my honey, thankful for my family, thankful for Josipa (my soon to be, maid of honor), thankful for all my friends …


One of things I’m grateful for is this blog. My “happy place”. I’m still crafting (a lot) but I don’t have so much time to write posts and reply to your kind comments.


Here is one comment (from the many) that warms my heart and makes me smile. Those precious words can make anyone’s day:

I've followed your blog for a few years, and I love your fresh, enthusiastic, creative view of the world. Of course you're different! (…) So do the best you can, and know that your own lovely spirit will shine through, no matter how other people think you should do things. Best wishes, Kate in Oregon

Thank you Kate!


I have small photo roundup of the last year. Some photos have and some don’t have meaning, but this is my last year!

The best one, so far Open-mouthed smile



My first stuffed peppers ever!






The best flower I’m going to get, ever!

Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

The best rose ever!




Trip to the Italy





Thank you Kristina!




I’m grateful for my readers!

That’s why I have something for you!

First five people who send me their contact on my mail (tousledday@gmail.com) are going to get something on their address Smile


Thank you!

Friday, July 25, 2014

From boy-ish to girl-ish

It’s so hot in here (Dalmacia, Croatia), and I have three dresses for floral girls to make this afternoon, so I’m going to be short.


I had boyish notebook but my little niece needed girlish one, of course. And, her big cousin had spray paint, and some self adhesive wall décor.


Sometimes, all you need is little resourcefulness


Monday, July 14, 2014

Gift for a man

When we talk about gifts, I can tell you one thing. I love them! I love getting them and I love giving them! There is nothing better than give gift which is going to make someone happy, delighted… you know, when you nail it Smile
And I believe that I’m good in gift giving my girls. But… there is big but!!! When we talk about gift giving my men… I suck! I even had few Christmases when I made some members of my family mad! That’s why I’m sharing this one with you.
He was happy!
I got it write!
And we had something to talk about for some time.
Hope that this is going to ease some of your problems too!
We where planning trip to Italy, and I made cards with some Italian phrases for him. On one side of card there was Italian word and on the other side I wrote translation of it. And I packed it in box with a lot of Raffaellos.

P.S. Story with my wedding invitations turned out great! I can’t wait to show them to you Open-mouthed smile 
In the meantime, you could see some “teasers” on my instagram or facebook Winking smile