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Friday, July 25, 2014

From boy-ish to girl-ish

It’s so hot in here (Dalmacia, Croatia), and I have three dresses for floral girls to make this afternoon, so I’m going to be short.


I had boyish notebook but my little niece needed girlish one, of course. And, her big cousin had spray paint, and some self adhesive wall décor.


Sometimes, all you need is little resourcefulness


Monday, July 14, 2014

Gift for a man

When we talk about gifts, I can tell you one thing. I love them! I love getting them and I love giving them! There is nothing better than give gift which is going to make someone happy, delighted… you know, when you nail it Smile
And I believe that I’m good in gift giving my girls. But… there is big but!!! When we talk about gift giving my men… I suck! I even had few Christmases when I made some members of my family mad! That’s why I’m sharing this one with you.
He was happy!
I got it write!
And we had something to talk about for some time.
Hope that this is going to ease some of your problems too!
We where planning trip to Italy, and I made cards with some Italian phrases for him. On one side of card there was Italian word and on the other side I wrote translation of it. And I packed it in box with a lot of Raffaellos.

P.S. Story with my wedding invitations turned out great! I can’t wait to show them to you Open-mouthed smile 
In the meantime, you could see some “teasers” on my instagram or facebook Winking smile

Monday, June 30, 2014

I have to do something

People know that I’m…… kind of…… different. I like to be different. My honey loves me like that. And I’m fine with that.
But, if you’re planning a wedding, being different could be a problem to other people involved in process.
Few days ago we went to make invitations at same guy that’s going to be our photographer. He couldn’t believe what he hears. At some point I started to think that we don’t speak same language. And I was convinced that I’m not complicated. I prepared it all at home, and I taught that it will be easy. But all I got is his shaking head and words: “I don’t understand!” and “This is not good! This is not good!”
Well, we will see how this invitation story is going to end.
Here is one more example of doing things on my way. I like to give useful gifts. Useful but not boring. Here is a gift (one of) to my little cousin (she is in elementary school).
She needs notebooks. And all I did is some personalization with paper drill in shape of heart. She liked that detail. And that’s what’s important Smile


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Circle skirt with stretchy fabric

IMAG1313 p

How to sew a circle skirt without zipper?

IMAG1326 p

You have to use stretchy material (I used jersey)

First of all, you have to do some math. This skirt is birthday present for my niece, so I had to measure her waist. It is 47 cm.

Formula for making hole in middle of the circle is:


and you have to leave some seam allowance.

Here are some photos so I hope that it’s going to be clear.

IMG_0765 p

IMG_0767 p

IMG_0768 p

IMG_0770 p

IMG_0771 p

IMG_0772 p

IMG_0773 p

And that’s how I got full circle.

IMG_0774 p

Next step is to add waist band.

Her waist is 47 cm, so I took piece of fabric 47 cm + seam allowance = 52 cm and I wanted high of waist about 5-6 cm, so 2 * 5,5 cm = 11 cm + seam allowance = 14 cm

Pin waist band on circle.

IMG_0775 p

IMG_0776 p

IMG_0780 p

And, now, we have to do some sewing. For those stretchy fabrics we should use that zig-zag seam.

IMG_0781 p

For the finish, you don’t have to, but I felt like I should add some lace trim. I bought it on ebay, so I had to cut it on half (but, real reason for this photo here is to show my new nail polish Smile I love it Open-mouthed smile)

IMG_0782 p

That’s all folks Smile

DIY circle skirt!

Circle skirt by Tousled day

If we talk about time spent on this skirt. It was 1 hour and 5 minutes. Yes, just one hour from doing math to photo of finished skirt.

I would say, hour well spent!

IMAG1331 p

P.S. I know that you can find this kind of tutorials all over the internet. But, I have more projects with circle skirts so I wanted to make it all clear (for you and me Winking smile )

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Something old, something new, something blue...

Hello my dear friends!

I've missed you and I've missed my Tousled day.

Well, I didn't become lazy girl. It's just there are so many things that are going on in my life right now. 
I become aunt once again. 
I kind of travel a little bit.
Some kind of job... is kind of... well, let's say that something is going on in this area of my life, too.
I'm trying to get in shape (starting from today ;p )


I have big news for you:

I'm getting married!!!

No, I can't believe that I found the best man in the world. And in few months I'm going to become his wife! I'm so blessed!
(OMG, I lose my breath when I think about it :) )

I won't leave my "blogworld". I'm going to have so many DIY projects for wedding, like invitations, dresses for floral girls (in Croatia, we call them little bridesmaids, and we don't have "big" ones), table decorations, flavors, corsages... 
and I have to prepare for biggest moving in my life.
And of course, I have life to live (no, believe it or not, world doesn't stop just in order to prepare your wedding!!!)

Bad news is that many of those projects are going online after wedding (you know, I'm counting on suprise effect). So, I won't have so much time for other projects...

But for today, I have something
 old (becouse it was birthday gift for birthday in march), 
new (new becouse it is first time on blog), 
borrowed (this is not Croatian custom, so I'm borrowing it from my american friends, but just for today)
and blue.

Decoupaged groceries bag

(My honey knows how much I like nice napkins, so he bought pack of those for me! Isn't he perfect?!)
And, little tip: when you're decoupageing fabric, you have to protect it on the other side with something. You don't want to glue everything around.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Slika tjedna 84. / Photo of the week 84.

Italy - Loreto

I've been in Italy for a few days (to short but I'm so happy and gratefull for that trip)

We've been in Loreto. It is a place where you can visit house of Holly Mary. 
Yes, I'm talking about Italy, and yes, Mary lived in Nazareth. 
Well, according to the legend, angels took house becouse of Ottoman conquest of Nazareth and placed it in Italy. (Some people belive that that where Crusaders who brought it to safe)

On this relief we can se transfer of Nazareth house.

Italian art... breathtaking!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014