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Monday, November 30, 2015

Angels on canvas

Decoupage angel on canvas

There are so many babies around me! And I believe that little pray to their angel on canvas is a nice gift for baptizing or “babine” (I have no idea is there English word for “babine”. “Babine” is when you visit mom and newborn baby, and you buy something for baby – usually some clothes, diapers… and some candy for parents).

I’m going to make one for my baby boy and it’s going to be placed above his bed.

And this could even be nice Christmas gift from aunt or big cousin.

If you are from Croatia, I could make something similar for you. For details and prices, contact me on Facebook or on my e-mail: tousledday@gmail.com

Decoupaged angel on canvas


Angel on canvas for baby boy


Angel on canvas


Angel on canvas for baby girl


Acrylic angel on canvas


First one is decoupage on canvas, and others angels are painted with Acrylic paint. It’s not hard to draw them. Go on Google and search “how to draw an angel”, you’ll find step by step tutorials.


Well, we don’t have tutorial this week, but since Christmas is coming, I think that you need as many ideas for gifts as possible. I know that I do!

Monday, November 23, 2015

10 Ideas for DIY Christmas gifts

10 DIY ideas for Christmas gifts by Tousled day
I love gift giving! And I hate when I give something and they don’t open it in front of me (like, some people say that that would be rude to do). I worked or shopped for hours to make it or find it for you. I was thinking would you like the message, color, style…
I loooove to watch expression on your face when you open it! 
So please, be rude and open gift in front of me!!!

Although, I like gift giving, I (like everybody else) can get stuck with idea what to give. So, besides all those gifts that I’m going to buy (you know that you have to have some of those), I scanned Tousled day to get some inspiration. Here is small roundup, but I’m sure that you could find much more interesting gift ideas on this place.

You can write on it, or sew on it or decoupage it...
christmas tote bag

It’s nice gesture if you give it blank or with nice photo.
IMG_6256 pic

I believe that this could be perfect gift for guys.
IMG_6236 pic

Accessories never fails!
White pearl flower

DIY ribbon flower

6. Decoupaged box is perfect for your mother or mother-in-low

IMG_0191 p

IMG_6918 p

This is for kids, but you can find on-line some templates for coloring for adults (it’s a big hit at the moment in the world like an anti-stress therapy, so you could give it  try)

10. Check out one previous roundup with stocking stuffers
Maybe you find something there

Actually any little thing made from heart is going to be perfect gift for those people who love us!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Update of an outdated white shirt

We haven’t had refashion lately!
simple refashion of a shirt by Tousled day
I’m so into white shirts right now. So, my sister-in-law gave this one to me. It is made out of nice material, but it is little outdated with this part in font (I have no idea what’s the name for that – on Croatian or English)

Actually, it is wrong to say that this is refashion, just a little update of a shirt.

I’ve cut of this front part, but I left about half an inch of hem. And on that I sew white lace trim.

Lace is now on the shoulders and under the sleeves to the bottom of the shirt.
That’s all! About 15 – 20 minutes of job.
But it would be such a shame to throw it, and I wouldn’t wear it like it was.

This is how I like to wear it.
refashioned shirt DIY

What do you think?
Is it wearable this way?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Autumn lights

autumn candle decor
It’s nice warm autumn at the moment. It’s a shame to not spent as much time as you can on the fresh air.
My hubby is always in the move, so we are trying to have quality time together, and nice, long walks are perfect at this time of year.
From our last walk I brought home leaves with the most beautiful color ever! Deep red!
Autumn with Tousled day
It wasn’t hard to decide what to do with it.
autumn candle
Here is how I made simple autumn décor using candle in the glass and some leaves.
I’ve simply put leaves on the glass with the help of the rubber band (I couldn’t keep it in place otherwise, but I used red like leaves so it is not very noticeable) and on the end I tightened it with a paper string.
One easy DIY!
I know that it’s not going to last for long, because, leaves are going to became really fragile, but few days is enough, then we’ll find something new!
autumn fall decor

Sunday, November 1, 2015

DIY coloring book

I had kids friendly wedding. And I knew that if they get bored they are going to make a mess. So I tried to do my best to keep them busy. The thing is that grown ups where more enthusiastic with coloring (I saw few grown up guys that took those coloring books and it is just months before this trend of coloring books for grown ups. Hmmm, maybe I started something really big, haha). And kids did make a mess. But I didn’t care at that point!

Basically, it is very simple. I found drawings online. Saved them on my computer (I kept all those signatures, you know, wrights. Although, I could easily crop them, but since I know how I feel with cropping my signature, I decided to give authors a credit, if there is a signature.)
 My maid of honor printed them.
I copied about 25 copies (for 25 coloring books)

Coloring book covers are made from thick, colored paper. They turned out great. I put drawing of a bride and a groom, our names and date of the wedding so this become nice keepsake from our wedding, since all of them where taken home.

So, after I sorted all the pages, I got something similar to coloring book.
Next step was to bend them together.
First, I punched holes with a pin. And then I pulled through thick, white thread. I used regular needle for that.
And my coloring books were ready.
I believe that this is last wedding project that I have from my wedding. Hope that you liked all of them.

And, since Christmas is coming, I’m thinking about making some Christmas coloring books like a gifts to many kids in my and my husbands family.
Let me know if you make something similar (it doesn’t have to be wedding themed, like I said, you could make it for Christmas, birthday…)

Monday, October 26, 2015

Do you like autumn?

This is the first time after many years that we have a real autumn. Usually, we simply jump from shorts to coats and wool scarfs. I like swimming in sea in September and October, but I like this autumn stuff too.
I’m skipping Halloween because that’s not our Croatian culture. And I simply don’t like all those scary things. That’s why you won’t find any that theme related at my blog.
But, I have some nifty autumn little something. Here is a small list of projects perfect for this time of the year.

How to make rose from apple peel

wooden box

Čaj od bazge

How to find a way of enjoying on the rain
IMG_6918 p

5. Olives
Olive tree gives us olives in the autumn. Here is what you could do with them. (If you have olive tree nearby)
black olives

Because, you have to share your love for autumn with your neighbors!
vijenac za vrata

IMG_8605 p

DIY chestnut ring

I really like sun. So, when it is cloudy I try to light a candle to make atmosphere more worm.

svijećnjak sa špagom

A lot of olive oil and just a little bees wax.


But, this pattern is screaming “autumn”


With another autumn pattern (I wear it just in this time of the year)


This infinity scarf is made for spring, but autumn is perfect time for wearing light scarfs. Just maybe different pattern.

infinity scarf

To be honest, it surprised me how many projects I forgot about!
And it surprised me even more how many new ideas I still have!!!